Sea Coast Aquarium & Research Center

Web Design Project
August, 2022

A mockup of SCARC homepage

Overview & Objective

A sample web design project for an aquarium to showcase a visually engaging homepage for a non-profit organization. My goal was to create a memorable digital experience, featuring a nonprofit organization's unique mission and vision, as well as items of community interest.

Research and Discovery

Since this was a sample project, I performed secondary research to discover what types of information might be included on the homepage of an aquarium or research center. Analyzing information architecture from various aquariums nationwide gave me insight on some common patterns on the website's homepage. A major source of inspiration for this project included the Alaska Sea Life Center.

A mockup of SCARC homepage

A Memorable Design

Attracting volunteers and donors is often important for a nonprofit, so creating a truly special design was a priority. Starting with a mood board helped me to choose branding colors that evoked a sense of underwater darkness and glowing sea creatures. I added animations and hover effects using CSS to add interest to the page, creating an immersive experience rather than a simple display of information.

A mockup of SCARC homepage

Technical Skills

I used a combination of hand-coded HTML/CSS as well as Bootstrap and JavaScript to build this site in Visual Studio Code. It's hosted on Github Pages and you may view the live page by clicking here or below.

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The result of this project is a fully mobile-responsive website showcasing with a fun, memorable design to appeal to all ages.

A mockup of SCARC homepage