UX Case Study
October - December, 2021
(Revised July 2022)

Posy makes users feel confident and educated when ordering gifts, plants, and flowers.


Sole UX / UI Designer

Tools used

Adobe Illusrator
3 phone screens showing Posy App UI


Some people struggle with getting flowers as a gift. Many florist websites are difficult to use and provide little education for the layperson.


I wanted to design an app that’s easy for everyone to use, even if they don't know anything about flowers, and makes them feel confident about their gift choices.

Why a florist app?

While job outlooks for florists are trending on a decline, Petal Republic says this is "largely attributed to the growth of online flower retailers and direct-to-consumer merchants." My own research into local florist shop websites showed many sites lack helpful information and are difficult to use, which could be off-putting to the casual customer. Creating a sleek, easy-to-use app could help both local and online florists expand their reach.


The percentage of growth in online flower shops from 2014-2019


Projected market for Flower and Ornamental Plants in 2024


Percentage of purchases in the U.S. floral industry involving fresh flowers

Source: Petal Republic Team. (2022, July 7). Floristry and Floriculture Industry Statistics & Trends (2022). Petal Republic. https://www.petalrepublic.com/floristry-and-floriculture-statistics/

Understanding the user

Starting the design throught process...

A hand-drawn storyboard

User journey maps to develop empathy

A user journey map

Moving on to wireframes

User Flow Diagrams & Lo-Fi Prototype

A snapshot of a low-fidelity prototype

Affinity Mapping

Gathering Feedback
I conducted research via recorded Zoom interviews, taking notes on feedback.

Organizing in Miro

Using Miro, I organized feedback into multiple categories to find themes and insights to carryover into the next iteration of the design.


  • Users want more categories to browse
  • Users want to easily find flower information before choosing
  • Users want a billing review page
  • Users want to choose a time and date more easily
  • Users want images of flowers along with descriptions
A snapshot of Miro sticky notes organizing themes

Incorporating market research into design decisions

An image of the Posy home screen with annotation describing design decisions

Hi-fidelity mockups and prototype

3 phone screens showing Posy App UI
A woman holding a phone screen showing the Flower Wiki screen
Click to View Live Prototype (Figma)

Next Steps & Accessibility Considerations


Partner with other vendors in-app such as wedding photographers, event coordinators, and more.


Add accessibility options such as language translation to make the app more accessible to all users.


Include full text or alternate-text descriptions of each image in the app to ensure everyone for those who cannot view the images.

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